Maximizing Industry
4.0 Potential

  • Digitization

    Predictive Maintenance
    Paperless Packing
    Line Digitization
    Batch Recipe Management
    for FT Batch
    Packing Line Performance
    KPI Calculation
    Restaurant and Canteen
    Order Management System
    Empty Pouch
    Warehouse and Consumption
    Management Solution
  • Networking &
    Information Technology

    checkmarkProviding variety of infrastructure architecture services and solutions like virtualization and network design, Network Consulting, and auditing.

    checkmarkDesign cyber security Application to Secure Confidential data

    checkmarkDesigning, implementing, and supporting a multiple solutions including blades and rack-mount servers, SAN storage, thin clients, disaster recovery solutions.

    checkmarkProviding managed IT Services. Managed IT Service begins with a need assessment and network analysis to gauge the health and stability of network. By identifying the state of equipment, OS, installed apps and services, we accurately quote what it will cost to bring environment up to a minimum baseline standard for service.

    checkmarkConfiguration of Industrial Secure Network With Firewall and Switch Configuration.

  • Virtualization &
    Thin Manager

    checkmarkVirtualization does away with the inefficiency of the old “one server, one application” model, in which most servers are vastly underutilized.

    checkmarkReduce Costs: help lessen hardware and maintenance costs, lower energy bill, reduce space and administrative requirements.

    checkmarkImprove productivity: No need to order and set up a new server for every new application, able to get applications up and runner sooner.

    checkmarkProtect business from downtime and disaster.

    checkmarkSecure company assets: Since virtual machines reduce your server count, it also leaves your business less vulnerable to security attacks.

  • Process Control
    and Automation

    checkmarkPhase Manager and PLI.

    checkmarkExperience of customer customized batch software’s.

    checkmarkInstallation of large scale batch systems using Rockwell FTBatch.

    checkmarkRecipe Management System using VB and .NET.

    checkmarkPredictive adaptive control for automated raw material additions.

    checkmarkBatch history and reporting applications.

    checkmarkSSRS, MSRS and Custom Reporting

    checkmarkLoss in weight and Gain in Weight Applications.

    checkmarkPLC 5 Migration

    checkmarkProcess Integration with Various Vision Camera and Application.

    checkmarkAnnual Maintenance Contract/Support

  • MES and
    Database Solution

    checkmarkScheduling, Order and Inventory Management

    checkmarkProduct Traceability

    checkmarkOverall Equipment Effectiveness and Quality

    checkmarkEnterprise Solutions

    checkmarkData transfers and transforms to and from ERP systems

    checkmarkData migration from Servers up to MES for process history, downtime events.

    checkmarkBatch Reporting

    checkmarkAdvanced level 3 and 4 programming including ASP .NET Programming, Database, Definition, Design, Execution, and Administration, UI Development, SQL Reporting Services, Stored Procedures, Web Applications, and DLL Development.

    checkmarkImplementation of Oracle 10g solutions including system setup from the ground up, as well as interaction with the database for the automation and reporting systems implemented.

  • E-Work Permit

  • Web Applications

  • Window Applications

  • Canteen Order Management

    1. Post-Paid System
    2. Touch-Less System and reduce que for ordering.
    3. Centralized Crystal Reporting System
    4. Centralized Employee Database Management
    5. Customized Menu Management
    6. Web based reports
    7. Mobile App to see menu and give food feedback.
    8. QR Code based mobile ordering system
    9. Hassel-free Order Management with order ready intimation to customer.
    10. Multiple Level Security Access for Payments and Menu Items.
    11. Option to use multiple payment methods like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, etc.
  • Predictive Maintenance

    1. Forecast and Reduce Inventory by Pre Analysis of Type of Faults occur in Machine.
    2. Breakdown Risk Mitigation by prediction of a breakdown so the PM Team will generate maintenance work order to mitigate any Breakdown Chances.
    3. Reduce Maintenance Cost as prevent any major breakdown Application helps scheduling of the maintenance work.
    4. Application will Provide remaining no of Batch Cycles to help accurately design the Maintenance Schedule.
    5. Real time Monitoring of the Health of Equipment and before time notification to PM Team so all abnormalities will be recorded and preventive Actions will be taken on time.
    6. Reduces Human efforts by providing Prescriptive Notifications to the Team to help execute a speedy action plan.
  • eBMR

    1. Each product and stage has their own recipe and their own BOM. These recipes of stages are defined and entered by an operator in recipe.
    2. The relevant product information is entered by the operator at the FT Batch application. After this the recipe for all the stages are defined, which consists of list of material details (BOM) required in that recipes. The Omega(Ω) for each stage is entered by operators in recipe.
    3. MD application loads these BOM for each product and stage recipe selecting batch ID and reserves the quantity to be dispensed in SAP after validation.
    4. The material is later packed and dispensed to a production line where the processing of that stage’s recipe occurs
    5. The products for all the stages are registered as material in SAP. Hence after processing the stage product quantity is updated on SAP manually by authorized person.
    6. The process repeats until the final stage of the production is reached.
    7. This is the overall production process that happens in FT Batch side of the EBMR system at the client’s location.
  • Batch Feeding Close Loop Control

    Close Loop Control system is one step taken in the direction of Process Optimization. By controlling the Corse and Fine parameters using Advance Analytics and digitization tools we are able to control Over and Under Dosing to meet CPM requirements.

    Functional Description
    1. Application monitor the Batch and log the Batch Data i.e. Target weight, Actual weight, etc.
    2. Calculate Variance for each batch and analyze the difference in every batch.
    3. Calculate the Corse and fine parameters (Dribble Weight and Inflight weight in our case) and send the data back to PLC to take necessary action by operator.
    Benefits and Improvements
    1. Reduce the difference between setpoint and actual dosing
    2. Help keeping the dosing weights under Tolerance Limits.
    3. While Variation is Under Tolerance it will improve CPM value of the Ingredients.
    4. Captured data can be use for further Analytics and POC.
    5. Provide easy analysis of data for make further action plans.
  • No Paper, No Touch Packing

    1. Minimize Manual Paper Work During line operation and Changeover.
    2. Automate Product Audit Documentation.
    3. Eliminate Human error in legal documentation of Product.
    4. Accurately pack right product into right packing.
    5. Reduces Changeover Time and Improve Productivity
  • Batch Recipe Management System

    1. Manage multiple batches from Single Window.
    2. Load, Edit, and Save recipe from Single Application.
    3. Tracking of changes in recipe.
    4. Remotely Control Batching Application
    5. Add multiple no of batches at a time.
    6. Easy batch reports of material consumptions and final product quantity.
  • Line Performance KPI Calculation

    1. Integration of all machines in a line with Single Controller
    2. Display of Machine Status on a Centralized Station
    3. Capturing Machine Faults from All the Machines
    4. Monitoring Performance of Complete Line as well as Individual Machines
    5. Categorization of Faults and Breaks to Planned and Un Planned Categories
    6. Communication with Center line data and Manage Product Data Like Batch No, Order No, Order Quantity and SKU etc.
    7. Provide configurability of upstream/downstream interlocks and start/stop behaviours.
    8. Display real-time status and performance information.
    9. Reason code descriptions programmatically created from event messaging structure.
    10. Shift wise, daily and monthly reporting of performance parameters like OEE, Availability, Performance, MTBF, MTTR, Fault Events (Minor Stops, Major Stops, Top 5 Downtimes during a shift, etc.)
  • Seamless Switching

    1. Remotely connect all plant HMI’s or other application with single click.
    2. Uses windows RDP feature for communication.
    3. Customized software application developed.
  • Scrap Management System

    1. Easy management of Scrap using weighing scale data and Bar code printer & scanners.
    2. Uses windows RDP feature for communication.
    3. Customized software application developed.
  • RFID based Recipe Management System

    1. Dynamic Recipe Management Experiment from MS SQL.
    2. RFID tags fpr product identification with measurements.
    3. Easy integration with SCADA and PLC.