Why DT.

Here are the reason to work with us…

WE ARE EXPERIENCED Experience matter for implementing solution in any industry. We are team of highly experienced Engineers. We are using Rockwell Software, Allen Bradley Products, Wonderware and Yokogawa products for years. We know the software, hardware and inside out and more importantly how it can help you to find economical and reliable solution.

WE USE A PROVEN SYSTEM From many years of rich experience, we take you through our process which helps you break-down your business into bite-sized chunks, and makes it easier to visualise how your business can use our solutions to get results. We have implemented our solution and system at many customer site and PROOF that it WORKS!

WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY We follow multi-level review system to minimize error to almost ZERO. We use 2 level review system, self-review, peer review, and technical lead review to provide quality Deliverables.

WE BELIEVE ON TIME DELIERVY As Solution provider, we adherent to customer time line and schedule. We understand the value of TIME. We provide quality solution within defined time line.

WE ARE FOCUSED “Focus on our goal, don’t look in any direction but ahead”. This tag line we follow. We believe this. We don’t look in multiple directions.

WE ARE A TEAM We are not a “solo-man” or “one-man band” who will do this project for you, then get offered a job elsewhere and run off leaving you high and dry. We are a team, and we aren’t going anywhere. We have salaries to pay, a lease, and wives who will be angry if we suddenly stop doing what we are doing.

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